While most Romanians considered buying a product for its price, more and more people in the country have been accomodating with the idea of brands for the last six years and have even become the supporters of a vivid brand culture, according to studies produced by the GfK company over the past ten years.

The studies show that the “brand culture” was in an infancy phase in 1996-1999 as Romanians lacked a real consideration on acquired products and would buy anything – as long as the price was low enough. The keyword for the period was SAVE.

The period of 2000-2002 was the period of getting in touch with the real meaning of brands. Consumption diversified and more expensive products started to become a necessity for many. The growing interest in consumer goods increased and the keyword for the period was DISCOVER, according to the studies.

Ever since, a genuine cult for brands has developed as Romanians have discovered promotions, brand diversification and brand strata. More focus, more security, more accessories, more pragmatism turn ACQUIRE into the new keyword.

The GfK studies show the trends point towards an increased loyalty towards brands both in the consumer products and the services sectors. The keyword will be WIN, with a series of sub-keywords: SPEND, MANAGE and, probably later, INVEST.

Romanians, the studies say, want a Western lifestyle but at Romanian costs. They prize security, hope and family comfort most. And spend more and more time for their own persona.

Based on these observations, GfK expect consumer goods providers to focus more on non-conventional strategies, on forms of partnerships with consumers and on building stonger brands by appealing more to the emotional factor of Romanian consumers.