Romanian President Traian Basescu has left the Elias Hospital in Bucharest after several weeks of post-op recovery program prompted by a surgical intervention for hernia in early May. On his departure from the hospital, the head of state said he was ready to return to work, but that he would have to continue the recovery program for another year.

Basescu was found to suffer of hernia on May 7 this year, when he showed up at the University Hospital in Bucharest accusing terrible pains. On May 8, he was hospitalized at Elias, where doctors decided he had to undergo a surgical intervention.

But he produced quite a stir when he opted to undergo the surgery at a clinic in Vienna, Austria. He returned to Romania on May 17 and spent the following weeks in the Elias Hospital, which he left twice – once to take part in a government meeting and once this week for a visit to Paris.