The Romanian Academic Society (SAR) published on Wednesday a warning report about the external factors that might have influenced to a greater extent the possible delay of a certain date for Romania’s accession to the EU. SAR also makes six proposals to remedy the situation.

The policy warning report "Europe pushes us in the uncertainty zone. What to do?" asserts that the irresponsibility of making different plans following the EC May report in terms of political changes gave the accession foes the necessary pretext to postpone the date.

Therefore, first, there is the need for solid assurance on political stability, to be put in practice by the two alliance members, the Democrats and the Liberals. Secondly, the anti-corruption projects that have been blocked need a revival, in particular the Integrity Agency.

More over, any project that aims at changing the current functional DNA must be stopped, and so must be the political alliances with extremist parties, especially from the parties integrated within international organisations such as the Social Democrats.

SAR also suggests speeding up the VAT collecting and also of the delayed measures in the agriculture field.