Romanian President Traian Basescu will suffer a surgical intervention Monday night after supplementary medical investigations today confirmed he suffered of hernia.

The surgery will last up to three hours and the Romanian head of state will need a period of post-op recovery of 48 hours, according to staff of the Elias Hospital in Bucharest, where he's been under medical supervision.

During the surgical intervention, he will be under general anesthesia.

President Basescu showed at the Elias Hospital on Sunday night accusing a serious pain in the back. Preliminary medical investigations showed he suffers of hernia and that he needed a surgical intervention to fully recover.

The Romanian Presidency issued a press release immediately, confirming the diagnosis and saying the surgery will take place as soon as possible.

Senate speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu, the second highest official in the Romanian hierarchy, who is a member of the opposition Social Democratic Party, dismissed the issue of a transfer of power.

He said such an option would be tabled only if the head of state would be unable to exercise his duties for a period of several weeks, not mere hours.