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"Organized crime" businessman stays free

Marţi, 2 mai 2006, 0:00

A Romanian businessman investigated for organized crime activities will stay free during judicial procedures, the Bucharest Tribunal decided today, against a prosecutors’ request to arrest him preventively. Businessman Marian Iancu was arrested April 4 this year but was shortly freed as the Bucharest Appeals Court decided that an arrest warrant issued on his name was illegal.

Marian Iancu is charged with several economic crimes connected to the locally famous Rafo-Carom case in which huge amounts of money was sucked away from the Rafo refinery in Eastern Romania. He is also suspected for wrongdoings at Politehnica Timisoara, a football club he owns and where he was allegedly involved in money laundering schemes.

In the Rafo case, he is charged along another businessman, Ovidiu Tender, with the creation of and belonging to an organized crime group, complicity to embezzlement and others.

Ovidiu Tender is investigated in preventive arrest.

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