Most citizens of the Moldovan Republic believe Romania is best suited to assist their country in the process of EU accession, according to a study by Chisinau-based social studies center CIVIS.

It says 38,9% of Moldovans say their authorities should accept unconditionally a Romanian offer to support the Republic in its aim to join the EU, while 39.3% believe the offer should be accepted, but under certain conditions.

In case a referendum would be organized on EU accession, 70% of Moldovans would vote in favor.

And regarding the countries that can best help the country in this regard, 46.7% of respondents named Romania, 14.6% named the Russian Federation, while 10.2% - Ukraine.

The main obstacles seen by the Moldovan population in the EU accession effort are the economic situation of the country (32%), corruption (22%) and the conflict in the Transdniester region (20%).

This comes as for the majority of the population (72%) there are no guaranteed living conditions, while for 26% of Moldovans their incomes are insufficient for basic needs. 46% say they can only cover their basic needs with their salaries.