Romanian Justice minister Daniel Morar informed the head of the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) on Friday that the night before she found a strong gas leak when arriving at home late, at the end of a day when she had been home for a short while and everything seemed to be OK.

The leak was coming from two eyes of the cooking machine and she managed to prevent an accident due to the strong smell of the gas.

DNA Prosecutor Daniel Morar refused to comment on the situation when contacted by the Cotidianul newspaper, but he didn’t deny it either.

The possibility of Macovei’s lack of attention to be the cause of the incident are thin, according to Cotidianul, because there were two cooking machine eyes leaking, not one.

The Justice Ministry issued a press release later on Friday calling it a minor incident that may have been produced by a cooking machine malfunction.

Minister Monica Macovei is the originator of a wave of Justice reforms in Romania over the past year that have lead to a series of high-profile anti-corruption cases.