The Danube’s flow at the entrance into Romania reached 15,200 cm/s, a new record within the last hundred years. For Sunday the forecast announces 15,500 cm/s. Authorities say the damn can resist to levels of 16,000 – 22,000 cm/s and ensure the population that are ready to intervene whenever the case.

45 people from Fetesti riverbank town (county of Ialomita) were evacuated on Wednesday night, following a six-meter breach into one of the two dams that protect the residence areas.

In the county of Mehedinti, more thean 1200 households were flooded, while in the county of Dolj, a damn broke and the water poured in through the sewage channel. More than 1700 troops are prepared to tackle any situation might occur.

In the county of Caras Severin, the Fizes river broke the protection dam on a 30 -meter distance and flooded over 100 households. The connecting road between Resita and Timisoara in central-western Romania is interrupted.

The Interior minister ensured the Senate yesterday that authorities were prepared to intervene and promised all citizens would be protected. He also added that the level of 15,500 cm/s is not yet critical.

Hydrologists forecast the highest flow level will hit the Portile de Fier I and II dams on Sunday, when it will reach 15,500 cm/sec.