Nobody in Romania’s post-Communist power structures has supported revelations about the activities of the former Securitate, the secret police of the Communist regime, according to an ex-head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the successor of the Securitate.

Virgil Magureanu, who has headed the SRI for much of the nineties, said in a talk-show on the TVR TV station Tuesday evening that he probably failed to do what was needed to reveal who collaborated with the Securitate. But he said he at least signaled the need to do such a thing and that he cleared the ranks of the SRI of many former Securitate officers following a huge scandal 15 years ago.

The issue of Securitate collaborators has returned to the forefront of Romanian politics these days with a set of legislative measures aimed at cleansing the top leadership of the country of collaborators of ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s secret police and of his Communist cronies.