The Romanian Economy and Trade Ministry in compliance with European energy policies has set a series of priorities in the field of energy security including the guaranteed competitivity on the market, the diversification of energy sources, environmental protection and secure investments for the growth of the production capacity and development.

The Ministry strategy says the production of energy based on coal and the nuclear energy will be the main future options for Romania taken into account the forecast growth of prices for hydrocarbon fuel and the dependency on gas imports from a single source.

The Ministry also eyes to protect the national sovereignity over primary energy resources and to keep energy imports at an acceptable level. The liberalisation of energy transit and guarantiing permanent access to transportation networks along with a reduction of the environmental impact are also listed as priorities for the Ministry.

In the oil and gas sector, the strategy mentions Romania’s participation to the Nabucco project and the Constanta-Trieste pipeline as well as its connection to energy systems in neighboring countries – Hungary, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

The Ministry hopes to operate the second nuclear reactor of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant by 2007 and finish works at a Third Unit at Cernavoda by 2011.