The fresh former leader of the CNSAS Corneliu Turianu accused Liberal Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu of having collaborated and informed the ex-communist militia, aka Securitate. Turianu made the statement a few hours after resigning from the top position within the CNSAS, following the repetition of the vote. The PM denied any connection with the former Securitate.

Liberals did not support Turianu for this post, but the reputed anti-communist fighter Ticu Dumitrescu, who challenged Turianu’s leadership and asked for the repetition of the vote. The CNSAS members elected a new leader, after only one week in office for Turianu.

The new CNSAS head Claudiu Secasiu has been requested by PM Tariceanu to make public his file in order to prove that he has not collaborated with the former Securitate.