A political crisis sparked by the naming of a new head for CNSAS, the institution studying the archives of the secret police of the ex-Communist regime in Romania, the Securitate, came to an end on Tuesday as the college supervising the CNSAS dropped its president named late last month and delivered the job to a new candidate for the post.

At Romanian President Traian Basescu’s proposal, the vote naming a new head for CNSAS was repeated today and the Liberal candidate for the job, Claudiu Secasiu, received the position. He thus replaces Corneliu Turianu, the Democratic candidate who was named president of the CNSAS last month, taking the honor in a suprising vote from anti-Communist Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu.

Dumitrescu was originally considered to be unconditionally supported by the two major parties of the governing coalition, the Liberals and the Democrats, and his failure to be named president of the CNSAS was largely blamed on the Democrats.

Dumitrescu said today that he himself should be thanked for solving the crisis as he was the one to demand the resignation of Corneliu Turianu. He said he would discuss the situation with President Basescu in the coming days.

Analyst Cristi Ghinea told Hotnews.ro that the solution aimed at bringing peace in CNSAS was a compromise that would only ensure a short term solving of the problem. Ghinea also believed that the every six-month vote was absurd and would only destabilize the activity within the CNSAS.

The conflict between Liberals and Democrats on the CNSAS issue sparked considerable speculation in the media last week that the governing D.A. Alliance was about to split for good after less than a year and a half since coming to power.