A Gallup survey requested by the Romanian Agency for Governmental Strategies shows there is a confused perception of the Romanian products among Spanish consumers. Spain was chosen for this survey based on the good relationship with Romania, and on the importance of the Spanish market for Romanian exporters, and on the great number of Romanians residing and working in Spain.

The survey was undertaken between November 24 and December 12, 2005 and represents the first extensive evaluation of Romanian products abroad, a useful instrument for strengthening the Romanian presence on EU’s open markets. The results are aimed at encouraging Romanian investments in the country’s brand and promotion on the foreign markets ahead of the accession into the EU.

The main conclusions of the survey show that

• Romania’s image and how Romanians are perceived in Spain show there is a better perception of the country and its people by Spaniards who have had direct contacts with Romanians than by the Spanish mass-media.

• In general, the Spanish citizens have a poor knowledge about Romania, which leaves a lot of space for good positioning of Romanian products on the Spanish market, provided great marketing and communication efforts are made.

• There is an obvious lack of knowledge and a great deal of confusion among the Spanish consumers regarding Romanian products

A similar survey is to be undertaken in Germany. These research endeavours represent a phase that precedes the international bid for the country brand.