Investments on real estate market in 2005 reached 5.8 bln euros in Central and Eastern Europe, up 39 per cent compared to the previous year, according to a Richard Ellis survey. Since 1998 this regions attracted 15 bln euros.

Poland is the front runner with investments of 49 per cent, followed by Czech Republik with 19 per cent, Hungary 17 per cent. Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Slovakia drew investments of 750 mln Euros out of the total of 5.8 bln Euros. Russia and Romania drew 3 per cent of investments since 1998 and Bulgaria only 1 per cent.

The survey underlines the importance of these markets as reckoned to become most active.

Revenues from the offices real estates dropped 350 point in Romania, down to 8.5 per cent per year compared to 7 per cent in Central Europe.

Offices attracted approximately 45 per cent whereas land attracted 40 per cent and 15 per cent went to hotels, plants. Richard Ellis survey shows that only 6 per cent of the offices market went to projects outside the capital cities of the countries mentioned.