A draft law that has sparked a lot of controversies in the past returns to haunt Romanian dignitaries that made their wealth though illegal means. The executive head of the Democratic Party offered details on Wednesday about the draft legislation to check the wealth of dignitaries, which has been initiated by the top financial control authority.

According to Adriean Videanu, executive president of the governing Democratic Party - PD, the draft law suggest a 16% tax should be added on differences between the declared and the real, checked wealth of dignitaries, as suggested by fiscal authority ANAF.

Videanu said the law does not imply a move to legalize illegally obtain fortunes, but just to place additional taxes on them. Procedures to investigate how they were obtained and possible criminal moves against dignitaries will remain the duty of ANAF and similar institutions.

The move would renew the political disputes related to the wealth of dignitaries, analysts have told Hotnews.ro. "The initiative is a necessary one, but it’s most likely many will challenge it.

Some will argue against it at the Constitutional Court, while others will say it does too little to fight against the illicit behaviour" among politicians, Sorin Ionita, head of the Romanian Academic Society, told Hotnews.ro.