The snow storm that hit Bucharest yesterday led to a record number of 340 traffic accidents and 15 people wounded within hours. Across Romania, dozens of national roads were paralyzed for much of the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, while dozens of townships were left without electricity.

According to the public television, most traffic incidents and jams occurred in south Romania – Arges, Valcea - and on the national road between Bucharest and Ploiesti. In some areas, such as Dealu Negru, authorities decided to close road traffic temporarily.

Dozens of lorries were forced to stop or even skidded off the road on many roads north of Bucharest and in the Southern Carpathian mountains.

On the seaside, the storm forced the closure of the Midia-Mangalia ports and the Bara Sulina Channel. The Constanta port warned of worsening conditions in the coming hours.