World Health Organization experts have arrived in Romania to evaluate what measures should be taken in order to prevent bird flu infections among humans. Romanian specialists are due to inform the international team on general measures taken by the Health Ministry in Bucharest to face the current wave of infections.

The delegation led by Guenael Rodier will meet Romanian officials and doctors during their stay in order to receive the latest data on the evolution of bird flu red zones in the country. The logistics and intervention plans against bird flu in Romania are also due to be analyzed.

The visit came as new cases of bird flu appeared in the Constanta county south of the Danube Delta in south-east Romania.

The country was the first to register bird flu cases in this part of Europe and while other countries such as Greece, Croatia and Italy have just announced their concern about the first such hotbeds there Romanians are having fun about it already.

According to TV reports, one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day in the southern Romanian region of Oltenia, where suspected bird flue cases were reported several days ago, is the hearty chicken toy. It is virus-free and runs by key.