The Bucharest City Hall plans to build 30,000 car parking places during the following five years, but most of the lots will be placed in the margins of Bucharest, said Gheorghe Udriste, head of the General Infrastructure and Public Services Department in the City Hall. One of the projects includes the building of an underground parking at the Universitate Plaza, in the very heart of Bucharest.

The City Hall already announced that there are 69 identified locations where the ground and underground parking facilities can be built. 17 of the locations are in the center or near the center of the city. A 1,700 underground parking can be build near the Gara de Nord railway station and a 1,000 cars parking will be built in the Universitate Plaza. The Gara de Nord parking ay be built only in case the Transport Ministry solves the problems related to the property rights over the terrain.

The parking facilities will be placed on the North / South axis of the city, with services packages managed by operators who win the bids. Udriste also said that the City Hall will encourage drivers who come from outside Bucharest to park at the entrance, instead of driving downtown.

Some 1,200,000 cars are registered in Bucharest only.