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CSOP Survey: Bucharest Mayor Videanu would be re-elected in the first run-off

de Alina Comanciu
Joi, 14 februarie 2008, 22:38 English | Bucharest

According to a recent survey conducted by the CSOP institute, Bucharest Democrat Mayor Adriean Videanu would win another mandate with 54% of the votes, while his party colleague Liviu Negoita would win the Mayor chair with 46%. However, the survey was commanded for the use of the party and its results are not final. Despite this, the data launched a quarrel within the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L), since neither Videanu or Negoita wish to run in these elections.

The survey presented to Democratic party leaders shows that Videanu would win with a single run-off while Negoita would definitely win in the second run-off, if any would decide to run for Bucharest Mayor.

Even if the data is preliminary, Democrat Liberals are forecast to receive 42.7% of the votes. The survey shows that 29% of those interviewed will vote for the party while the other 28% vote for the candidate.

The survey is part of a complex sociological research that will be officially presented in the upcoming days. Party members declared for that, if both Videanu and Negoita refuse to run, the party will order some complex data research to assess the electorate's options and the envisaged profile of their candidate.

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