Transporters who blocked the belt surrounding Bucharest today threaten to block traffic downtown Bucharest on Tuesday night. Hundreds of trucks were stationed at an entry point on Bucharest outskirts on Tuesday afternoon, Romanian TV channel Antena 3 informs.

So far, they were stopped by police forces to enter the capital city but they declared that they were determined to enter the city at any costs, even if they do not have authorization to do so. However, such an action would block traffic in Bucharest.

Transporters are discontent that Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Transports minister Ludovic Orban do not accept to talk to their representatives. Tariceanu declared that he refused to talk to protesters if their intentions are political. He added that he was ready to talk about real issues and problems.

Hundreds of trucks blocked today the belt surrounding Bucharest where traffic was a nightmare for drivers. Local city hall authorities declared that the protest was not authorized and transporters could be fined.