This year's edition of the Bucharest City Challenge, the Formula 3 race circuit surrounding Romania's House of Parliament ended on Sunday evening. Even though temperatures were extreme, on Sunday some 25,000 fans watched the race as favorites of the FIA GT competition, the Swiss, won. However, in the British Formula 3 the results were surprising while Dacia Logan Cup was interrupted by the safety car.

The most expected competition was FIA GT where favorites, Swiss drivers Deletra and Fassler, secured their first place. Second came the team made up by Negrao and Ramos driving a MC 12 Maserati. According to the FIA GT website, temperatures exceeded 35 degrees Celsius but some 25,000 people watched the race.

In the British Formula 3 race, the final results came as a surprise. Spanish Alguersuari won despite that on Saturday he was placed on third place and Hartley, who initially won the first place on Saturday fell on third on Sunday.

At the Dacia Logan Cup, pilots hit the walls but there were no serious accidents. Even so, the safety car slowed down the race and out of the 30 scheduled minutes, only 23 were raced. Romanian Andrei Tentean won the competition, followed by Dutch Willebrands and Romanian Bogdan Nastase.

Organizers declared that the event went very well and Bucharest can successfully host this kind of event. Moreover, they underlined that it is very hard to find a capital city that has such a good racing track.

Meanwhile traffic in Bucharest was blocked and even though the event ended, traffic restrictions are still imposed until organizers manage to clear the venue.