"He ruined for many people, he ruined their pleasure to see a show. I think he only cares about himself. He's a very sad man." This is the message God Dethroned sent to the liberal city councilor who demanded for their concert to be cancelled in Oradea (West Romania). In an interview for HotNews.ro, Henri Sattler - the voice of the death metal Netherlanders band - spoke about a world premiere in Oradea: the cancellation of one of their shows.

There has never been a concerted cancelled in Romania since the Revolution in 1989. This is also a first for the God Dethroned, one of the biggest names on the death metal scene in Netherlands.

This is what Henri Sattler, the band's vocal, told HotNews.ro:

  • I heard a few days ago that we are not allow to play there because of our bad name and because we are a Satanist band. It's something that not very often happens.
  • They tried to stop us from playing in Holland, but it wasn't so serious, because you have freedom of speech.
  • Usually, the local authorities don’t know what the band is about. They don't know the lyrics. The only know the bad name. They say "Oh, we should stop them from playing".
  • We had some trouble in the past with some local authorities, but most of the time we managed to play. There wasn't a real reason to stop us. But this time they can prevent us from playing because I've heard they told the guy from the venue that they would lose the licence if they allow us to play. So I can imagine that the guy from the venue has no choice.
  • When we started out in the 1990, we started out as a satanic, anti-religious band. We were young.
  • As you grow older, you start to see more things in the world. We took inspirations from books, movies, fantasy. Sometimes you mix it with religious things, but we also did many other things. If they dived into our history and see what it is about, than it shouldn't be a problem.
  • These are narrow-minded people, I guess. People like that won't listen. I think they only care about themselves. He ruined a lot for many people. He ruined for the people who wanted to see a show. (...) He's a very sad man.