Theatre lovers in Bucharest have been granted free access to theatre plays and to the National Centre for Dance on Wednesday night, after 10 p.m. The "Night Theatre" is organised by the local council through ArCuB centre for cultural projects.

Romanian news agency Agerpres informs that Teatrul de Comedie, Teatrul Odeon, Teatrul Mic, Teatrul Foarte Mic, Teatrul Metropolis, Teatrul Natioal, Teatrul Nottara, Teatrul Act, Teatrul Bulandra, Teatrul Luni from Green Hours, La Scena, Teatrul Montage from Galerie and the National Centre for Dance have joined the Night Theatre project.

The National Centre for Dance has prepared three shows: ""Lulu’s Room", by Mihaela Dancs, "Stage Psychosis", conceived and performed by Carmen Cotofana, and "Dance a Playful Body", conceived by Andreea Novac and Istvan Teglas, the latter also performing.