Transports ministry plans to transform the Bucharest Baneasa Airport by 2012-2013 in an airport reserved for business and VIP flights and therefore move the current low cost flights on Otopeni Int'l Airport causing higher costs for low costs, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

In a European capital city, with a normal evolution, the transformation of the Bucharest Baneasa Airport is a necessity, Transports minister Boagiu declared in a press conference. She said that the move will give an important message for citizens in Bucharest, who can enjoy a VIP airport.

Thus, next year, the internal organization of the airport will be finished with an investment of 1 million euro, and most flights with a small capacity, up to 8-10 places will be catered. Moreover, VIP terminals will also exist.

Boagiu admitted that the move of low cost airlines on Otopeni Int'l Airport will increase the value of low cost flights, but she said that it will not be more than 4.5 euro/ticket and thus consumers will not feel the difference.