Streets filled up with garbage, garbage blocks on main roads, lack of hot running water, lack of sewages – this is how Bucharest looks like according to quoted by Bucharest was voted the ugliest EU city capital. There are no paved streets, drinking tap water, sewages and in some places in Bucharest it feels like the Middle Ages. There are houses with clean tap water but they have no sewage.

Citizens would take a bath but afterwards they would have to carry the dirty water back to the closest sewer. Those without drinkable tap water carry it from fountains. According to, sanitary authorities took samples across 60 fountains in 2007 and the results have been alarming.

The quality of life is getting worse constantly and in 2009 Bucharest occupied the last but one place after Sofia according to Mercer company that analyzed the pollution level, access to drinking water, sewage and criminality rates.