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Romania youth unemployment rate is among EU highest

de A. Comanciu
Luni, 3 decembrie 2007, 17:57 English | Business

Romania has among the highest rates in the European Union in terms of youth unemployment with 20.7% of under-25 youngsters unemployed in October this year, according to the European Statistics Institute. The only EU member state with higher unemployment rates is Greece. Overall, the unemployment rate in Romania was 7.3% in October, but grew by 0.1% as compared to a year ago.

In the European Union, the unemployment rate stood at 7% in October, while it rose to 7.2% in the euro zone. In October the lowest unemployment rate was registered in Denmark (2.9%) and Holland (3.1%) and the highest in Slovakia (11.2%) and Poland (8.8%).

According to Eurostat, unemployment rates fell in 23 member states during October 2006- October 2007.  

In the EU, 14.7% of youngsters under 25 years old did not have a work place in October as compared to 16.6% in the similar time last year.

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