Romania trade deficit deepened after the first ten months of the year to over 17.2 billion euro, an increase of over 6 billion euro as compared to the similar period of 2006 according to the National Statistics Institute. In the mentioned period, the total value of exports grew by 13.2% up to 24.2 billion euro while imports advanced 27.2% to 41.4 billion euro. The overall trade deficit of 2006 amounted to some 14.8 billion euro.

In October this year, exports exceeded 2.7 billion euro, a 17.2% increase as compared to the similar month last year. On the other side, imports reached in October the total value of 4.9 billion euro.

After the first nine months of the year, the trade deficit had reached 15 billion euro, up 5.51 billion euro as compared to the same period last year.