Romanian telecom operator Romtelecom announced on Monday that some 2,500 of its employees will be laid off this year, according to the company's business plan for 2008 which has been approved by its board. The measure is aimed at improving the profitability of the company.

According to data provided by OTE, the Greek majority shareholder in Romtelecom, the company personnel numbered 12,300 employees by September 30, 2007.

The management of the biggest wired telephony operator in Romania believes 2007 managed to produce growth but better quality and efficiency were needed in 2008.

That is necessary to meet the challenges of the market and the aggressively developing competition on all segments, Romtelecom CEO Yoregos Ioannidis says. According to him, the company will in 2008 change the way it runs its activities, focusing to profit growth and establishing the position of the company as a market leader in terms of service quality.