Griro board nember Nicolae Badea dismissed for on Monday a piece of news broadcast by Romanian news channel Realitatea TV that his company had signed a preliminary agreement with businessman George Copos to purchase Bucharest football club Rapid. Realitatea TV announced earlier today, quoting convergent sources that George Copos had signed a memorandum to give up 80% of Rapid shares to Griro. George Copos also denied the information.

Badea declared that there was no ongoing or past negotiation with Rapid. Badea, President of Dinamo football club Bucharest and one of the main shareholders, together with Fathi Taher, of Griro SA, said that Copos maybe wanted to sell to Steaua football club.

Steaua owner Gigi Becali said that Copos signed an individual loan agreement with Fathi Taher, board member of Griro Company. Becali declared that Copos would receive a 30 million euro from Taher for a real estate investment and puts 80% of Rapid shares at stake. Thus, if Copos does not return the money, he would lose the football club.