AutoItalia should begin selling the premium Japanese brand Infiniti in February 2009. According to the company manager, Cristian Milea, the brand will not target premium German brands customers, like those attached to BMW or Mercedes, but premium Volkswagen and Toyota clients.

"We will become operational in February 2009, with a location in Northern Bucharest as part of a wider project. The final shape of the project is not ready yet, but it aims at the auto mall concept, just like the already existing showroom", said Milea.

"Infiniti is one of the luxury divisions of the 4X4 industry, a direct competitor of Lexus. In an unusual manner for the markets abroad, I am sure that Infiniti in Romania will be a direct competitor for the top versions of Toyota and Volkswagen, because this is how our market works, the segments existing abroad are just theory in Romania", Milea added, mentioning that Infinity will not steal Audi, BMW or Mercedes clients, because they are too devoted to their brands.

Infiniti Europe announced at the end of February that AutoItalia will be its partner in Romania, as part of an enlargement plan that will bring the brand to 20 new countries, including France and Bulgaria.

Infiniti is the Nissan luxury brand, present on the US market, in Canada, Mexico, Middle East countries, South Korea and Taiwan.