The Romanian body measuring Internet and paper media circulation and traffic, BRAT, suggested in its latest management session a series of changes to its regulations, answering to problems unveiled lately by the press. The BRAT Council of Directors come after an official letter sent by Catalin Tolontan, editor of sports newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor and owner of one of the most popular blogs, who accused unorthodox practices used by media groups in negotiating advertising contracts. On the other hand, BRAT answers some accusations in a scandal related to two websites dedicated to women.

Tolontan claimed in his letter that a major media group and possibly others in Romania use unfair methods in negotiating advertising space, correlating TV stations advertising with ads in the print media owned by the group.

BRAT also decided to push several proposals for better transparency in how online publishers use their BRAT traffic measurements after a scandal broke out in the still more lucrative online business sector in Romania when it came to light that two websites for women integrated their measurements. BRAT said the incident did not come against its existing rules.