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Why is Romania a vulnerable target for IT attacks

de A.C.
Miercuri, 14 mai 2008, 11:20 English | Business

Romanian Police representatives have explained for why credit card owners and banks are becoming a preferred target for criminals. According to police experts, IT attacks increased significantly because more and more citizens in Romania are now opting for a credit card or forced to have one to receive their salaries while virtual felons believe they can hide from authorities on the Internet. Moreover, people are considered ignorant because they do not carefully read the warning instructions on their credit cards.

Dragos Georghiu, a Cluj, Central Romania-based leading official in fighting organized crime, who is also an expert on IT criminality explained for why phishing attacks are more frequent in Romania. He says that since credit cards have become so widely used, it is normal that felons take advantage of new ways to cheat as many people as they can.

Thus, they erroneously believe that by stealing through the internet, authorities have a harder time tracking them. Moreover, banks do not inform citizens clear enough on possible ways a person may be electronically robbed.

In an international list, Romania is classed third among countries with most phishing attacks. In these conditions Romanian Police authorities will create a new specialized division to counter IT crime.

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