Food prices in Romania grew steadily over the past year, reaching a plus of 12.4%, the latest Eurostat report published on Monday reads. Bulgarians felt a severe increase of 25.4% registering the highest score in the European Union while the lowest increase was registered in Poland with only 3.4%. However, Romania is classed first when it comes to the weight of the food in a household expense: 34.5% as compared to 14.6%, the Union's average.

The report shows that the inflation rate was affected by the food price increase and registered a 3.4 percentage points increase while in Romania and Lithuania, the inflation raised only by 1.9 percentage points. The weight of the food in the harmonized consumption price index shows how much of a household's budget is destined for food. Romania occupies the first place.

Therefore, from the budget of a Romanian household, 34.5% goes on food products as compared to the average EU level of 14.6%. Both Great Britain and Luxembourg spend some 9.5% of the money on food.