Romania attracted the largest amount of foreign investments in all Central and Eastern Europe in 2007, a report issued by Ernst & Young indicates. The 150 projects opened last year led to the creation of 12,464 new jobs. The number of projects represents a 7%, compared to 2006 and adds up to 4% of all projects implemented in Europe.

The countries with the largest number of new projects were the United Kingdom (713), followed by France (541), Germany (305), Spain (256) and Belgium (175).

In new job opening, Romania ranks third in Central and Eastern Europe, after Poland (18,399) and the Czech Republic (15,102), and sixth in Europe, where UK leads once again, with 24,186 new jobs. The second and third place are taken by Russia (14,934) and France (14,488).

Most new jobs in Romania were created in industry (91%), over half of it being in the car building industry.

Romania also ranks fifth in Europe in the top of foreign investors' preference for expanding operations. 10% of the main foreign companies intend to invest in Romania. The first places in the top are Poland (18%), Germany (16%), Russia (12%) and France (11%).