Hungary is a new entry on the Daimler list of possible locations to build a Mercedes factory in Eastern Europe and Romania's chances to host such a factory become slimmer, according to two German automobile publications quoted by Auto Motor und Sport and Automobilwoche declared that Daimler would discuss about a possible location for their factory tomorrow. The list includes Polland, Hungary and Romania but Serbia seems also an option.

The new factory is to produce over 100,000 cars annually, most probably A Klasse and B Klasse models. By the end of May, Newsweek Polska read that Daimler chose Poland as a location and will invest some 800 million euro in a town nearby the border with Germany.

However, Daimler representatives declared that no official decision has been taken and every information that appears in the press is simple speculation. It's been over four months since rumors invaded the international press. In Romania, some possible locations put forward were in Central Romania at Cluj, Southern Romania at Campulung or Western Romania - somewhere near Timisoara.