The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) temporarily suspended trading at 10:38 am on Monday, due to consistent losses. This is the second time such a decision is taken, based on the same grounds.

UPDATE: The trading restarted shortly afterwards, but the stock were continuing their downward trend.

Trading was suspended and re-opened on Friday as well.

A press release of the financial institution informed that the session would re-open at 11:10 am for a pre-opening session and by 11:25 all its main markets would be open. When the session was closed, the value of the stock's indexes were:

BET: 2.566,61, a 8,89% decrease

BET-C: 1.932,94, a 9,06% decrease

BET-FI: 9.637,15, a 13,19% decrease

BET-XT: 240,22, a 9,27% decrease

BET-NG: 298,12, a 12,40% decrease