The Erste Bank-owned Romanian Commercial Bank group (BCR) had a net profit for the first nine months of the year of 1.24 billion RON (341.5 million Euros), 71.8% more than during the first three quarters in 2007. Operational income increased 40.2%, from 2.21 to 3.1 billion RON.

The main engines in the increase of operational income were the interest rate growth and the (income growing from 1.36 to 2.16 billion RON) and of net income from commissions (from 593.8 million RON to 736.6 million RON).

The amount of credits offered to clients increased 17.3%, up to 43.27 billion RON (11.56 billion Euros) at the end of September. The figure was 36.88 million RON at the end of 2007.