The direct imports of natural gas may reduce the end consumer prices several tens percent, while Romanian should negotiate the natural gas procurement directly with Gazprom, without any interim companies, said Adrian Borotea, corporate affairs manager with the natural gas company CEZ Romania, according to Mediafax.

"I would go straight to the source. This is the time to discuss with Gazprom, it all depends on our diplomacy", said Borotea, who added that preferential contracts should be avoided and the energy resources should be made available without discrimination.

On the other hand, officials of Romgaz Medias, another natural gas company in Romania, says that direct imports from Gazprom would lead to a single digit price decrease, the advantage instead being to have a reliable source of gas.

In an interview for, Gazprom vice president Alexander Medvedev said that the interims between Romania and Gazprom can't be eliminated earlier than 2030, due to existing contracts.