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Telecomm controversies arise on offers comparing application

de Radu Rizea
Marţi, 18 noiembrie 2008, 15:34 English | Business

Mobile and wired telephony operators, as well as broadband Internet providers reacted in force against a recently announced project of the market regulatory authority, ANC. The project consists in developing an application allowing customers to compare various offers made by the operators.

ANC bases its arguments on the European legislation and standards. Orange claims that the same idea was discussed for quite a few times in the past, without even taking any shape, Vodafone officials say that the European rules allow, but do not impose the developing of such an application, while the IT&C Ministry officials seem to believe that the measure would be useless and fund-wasting.

ANC president Liviu Nistoran, says that the measure is not optional, but obligatory, adding that he won't allow this price comparing application, already functional in 10 states, to make Romania once again one of the last countries in the EU, as it happened with the phone number portability.

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