The government decided on Thursday to increase by three times the environment car tax for imported second hand cars and to increase the benefits for those getting rid of their used cars from 3,000 Ron to 3,800 Ron.

PM Tariceanu declared that he did not receive an official answer from the European Commission regarding its decision to suspend for one year the environment tax for new cars. Tariceanu added that measures need to be taken to stimulate car sales, to keep the jobs in the auto industry and maintain the functioning of the economy.

The environment tax was last modified on July, 1 2008 when the sums increased for registering new cars while for the old ones, it decreased. Car producers urged the government to take serious measures to support the industry and declared that the market will crash if measures are not adapted.

The government decided to suspend the environment tax for new cars starting January 2009 for Euro 4 cars.