The Dutch baking group ABN AMRO negotiates with the Royal Bank of Scotland the buying back of several assets, the Dutch Finance Ministry informed. Sources in RBS Romania say that the Romanian branch is also a subject in the negotiations.

The information is backed by the fact that the Romanian branch of RBS is one of the very few with good results, on a market in which takeovers in banking are not well seen, given the global economic crisis.

The possible buy back of some assets from RBS is part of the new ABN AMRO strategy, said a spokesperson for the Dutch Finance Ministry.

The Dutch Government nationalized the ABN AMRO banking group in October 2008, as part of the bailout plan for the Dutch - Belgian group Fortis. UK-based group RBS, strongly affected by the financial crisis, expects 28 billion UK pounds sterling losses for the 2008 fiscal year, a reason to re-assess its assets.