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Romania's commercial deficit increased 3.43% in 2008, up to 22.52 billion Euros

de Radu Rizea
Luni, 9 februarie 2009, 14:37 English | Business

Romania's 2008 trade deficit increased 3.43% as compared to 2007, up to over 22.5 billion Euros, the National Statistics Institute informed on Monday. The exports increased 13.8%, up to 33.61 billion Euros, while the imports increased 9.4%, to 56.13 billion Euros.

In 2008, cars and transport equipment  stood for 36.2% of the exports and 35.8% of the imports. Oil, mineral fuels, lubricants and other materials in the same segment also represented a major part of the commerce - 9.1% of the exports and 12.6% of the imports.

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