Revenues of the consolidated general budget totaled 151.558 million Ron last year, 9.1% less than initially estimated, representing 29.53% of last year's GDP. Romania's 2008 GDP amounted to 513.175 billion Ron.

Even so, the 2008 budgetary revenues were higher than the in 2007 when they totaled 120.78 billion Ron. The overall decrease of revenues was caused by a 19.51% decrease in the revenues of local authorities, 11.18% lower revenues at state budget level and 10.82% lower at the national social insurance fund level.

In 2008, state budget revenues amounted to almost 94.03 billion Ron, of which 43.4% came from VAT and the rest from profit tax, revenue and salary taxes, customs taxes and others. In 2007, state budget revenues totaled 74.64 billion Ron.