A Romanian delegation comprising National Central Bank deputy governor Cristian Popa and Finance ministry state secretary Bogdan Dragoi is currently in Washington negotiating a loan from the IMF, sources declared for NewsIn.

Romania's Finance ministry confirmed, for HotNews.ro the information. However, afterward, representatives of the ministry's press office said that they cannot offer any details regarding the subject and that the person confirming the information was not part of the press office.

Romania's National Central Bank spokesperson, Mugur Stet declared for HotNews.ro that deputy governor Cristian Popa is at Washington for a series of talks and preliminary discussions. Stet underlined that the Romanian delegation is not there to negotiate a loan but to have a series of discussions and preliminary talks.

Romanian PM Boc declared that the government is undertaking talks about a possible loan to finance the budgetary deficit and when talks with the IMF will lead to a decision, he will make an announcement.

The only official talks assumed by the government are those with the Commission, Boc said. Romania's Central Bank governor Mugur Isarescu declared previously that an IMF loan would help authorities protect foreign reserves and not finance the economy.