The Renault group demanded financial assistance from the Romanian state worth some 170 million Euros, as subsidies for the Dacia car producing factory and some of its suppliers, as well as for the Renault research centre in Titu. The same amount would also include guarantees for an 100 million Euros credit from the European Investments Bank (EIB), said the Dacia general manager, Francois Fourmont, on Thursday.

Fourmont added that the Renault group invested 1.5 billion Euros in Romania, while the incentives agreed upon by the Romanian state - at temporary tax or VAT exempt - rose to 75-78 million Euros.

The other national car producer, Ford, also asked for aid. In a future loan worth 600 million Euros, the Romanian state will guarantee for 320 millions. Ford will begin to build cars in Craiova, in a facility formerly owned by Daewoo, during the second half of the year.