New car sales dropped in Romania by 63% in the first months of the year, from over 51,000 units last year to 19,000 units this year and brands like Dacia, Ford, Skoda and Opel registered decreases of over 70%. The big exception on the market was Hyundai, whose sales increased by 80% in the last months due to its new models, i10 and i30.

Some 18,702 new cars were sold in the first two months of the year, of which 16,190 were cars, almost 2,400 commercial vehicles and 124 buses. Dacia continues to be the number one brand but its sales dropped by 70% from over 13,000 cars to 4,000.

Skoda sales registered the same decreases of over 72%, together with Opel with 73%, Ford 78% and Chevrolet with 75%. However, Hyundai, unlike the others registered an increase in sales by 79% in the first two months, to a little over 1,950 cars. The best sold model was i10 with 600 units followed by i30 with over 400 units and Accent with some 350 cars.