Mobile telephony operators Orange and Vodafone challenged in court the latest decision of the Telecom authority (ANCOM), which forces operators to provide a minimum information set to their clients, ANCOM president Catalin Marinescu announced on Thursday.

According to Marinescu, the Court's decision will also refer to the operators' obligation to participate in a price-comparing program, also for the use of clients, since the program was part of the same decision of the Authority.

According to the ANCOM decision, before any contract between clients and service providers is signed, clients must receive a minimum set of information including the pricing plan for the contract duration and included services, with all taxes included, fees for national phone calls, fees for "prime time" calls and for calls during other hours, the minimum duration of the contract and the penalties to be supported by the clients in case they denounce the contract before term.

Users must be allowed to consult the contract before signing it, be briefed the solving procedures for petitions, be informed via text messages on the default prolonging of the contract and the deadline for notifying the contract denouncing, be informed on their rights at all sales points and receives a minimum on information in their detailed bills.