Commerce, constructions and transports were the main risky sectors in Romania, registering over 50% bankruptcy cases of the total bankruptcy rates in the economy, a Coface Romania study reveals. By the end of last year, some 14,489 were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Like previous years, commercial companies are the first in the top, registering a 49.85% increase in the number of bankruptcies compared to the previous year. Thus, last year, 3553 companies started official bankruptcy procedures.

Moreover, the constructions sector was the most affected in 2008, with a 56.28% increase in bankruptcy cases compared to 2007. In Romania, this was the first sector affected by the crisis, due to the real estate market blockage and the banks' decision to stop credits.

In transports, data confirms the same trend: the sector was highly affected by the economic crisis as international demands dropped significantly. In 2008, there were 811 bankruptcy cases in the sector, representing a 12.71% increase to last year.