The fist trimester of the current year saw the completion of 10,595 buildings, 306 buildings less compared with the same 2008 trimester, according to the preliminary data announced on Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). 50.8% of the new buildings were constructed in the urban area, in contrast with the same period of 2008, when the percentage of the new buildings completed in the rural area read 52.9%.

The repartition of funds for finalizing a building showed that the number of constructions to use both public and private funds dropped against the figures from 2008; there are 197 less buildings finalised from private funds and 109 from public funds.

Regarding the development of regions, the number of constructions dropped mainly in the Centre (-672 homes) and North-West (-593 homes). The most significant increase is recorded in the North-East region (+593 homes) and South-Muntenia (+453 homes).