The investment scheme for small and medium enterprises (IMM) offers up to 1.075.000 lei. Since its opening for submissions 24 hours ago, the EU funds project saw over 400 projects submitted. Theoretically, this covers almost entirely the funding budget for the current session: 430 million lei.

The schemes works on a first arrived-first served basis, head of IMM Ministry Intermediary Body for Increasing Economic Competitiveness Programme Laura Marusca said. This could explain the fact that over 200 projects were registered with the scheme three hours after its start. Most IMMs requested 1 million lei finance. Details of the projects can be found here. The total budget for the scheme is 430 million lei.

On the other hand, there was also a programme for large investments opened on Tuesday morning, part of the same scheme - POS CCE. The online list showed only 26 submitted projects yesterday. The system is not based on a fist come - first served basis. The deadline for this scheme is August 10.

The 2008 project for large investments have been recently finalised and it is believed that the contracts will be signed by the end of June. Last year saw 572 large investments submissions. Out of the 851 small and medium investments submissions in 2008, 350 contracts have been signed.